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Pusat Promosi Wisata Terbesar di Indonesia TRAVELOISTA.COM

Pusat Promosi Wisata Terbesar di Indonesia TRAVELOISTA.COM

Dunia wisata tidak akan pernah pada, setiap tahunya hampir sekitar 10 juta wisatawan di Indonesia melakukan perjalanan liburan,bagi warga indonesia liburan sudah menjadi salah satu kebutuhan, dari survey yang dilakukan setiap keluarga minimal 1 kali melakukan perjalanan liburan.

Terlepas dari besarnya pasar wisata di Indonesia, nampaknya penyedia jasa perjalanan dan liburan belum mampu untuk memenui keinginan sebagian besar wisatawan. Kendala terbesar adalah tidak adanya kecocokan antara permintaan paket wisata wisatawan dengan paket wisata yang disediakan oleh Agen Travel.

Dari masalah tersebut TRAVELOISTA.COM coba membuat solusi atas masalah tersebut dengan membangun sebuah platform yang menghubungkan kebutuhan wisatawan agar agen travel dapat memenuhi permintaan tersebut.

Platform yang disediakan TRAVELOISTA.COM memberikan kemudahan bagi Agen Travel untuk membuat paket wisata dilengkapi dengan data analisis permintaan wisatawan dan jumlah permintaan wisatawan, sehingga Agen Travel dapat membuat produk paket wisata yang sesuai dan diminati oleh pasar.

TRAVELOISTA sendiri telah melakukan survey kepada 1000 wisatawan dari hasil survey tersebut didaptkan dapat seperti di gambar berikut :


Nampaknya TRAVELOISTA cukup berhasil membangun End To End Solution untuk semua kebutuhan wisata dengan menyediakan Paket Wisata, Rental Mobil,Tiket Wisata sampai dengan Online Shop untuk kebutuhan  peralatan traveling.

Sejak di Launch pada bulan Februari 2016 sudah sekitar 10.000 Wisatawan yang melakukan perjalanan dan mendapatkan solusi paket wisata melalui platform,sebuah angka yang cukup menganggumkan.

Keunggulan utama dari, adalah dalam hal SEO, hampir seluruh kata kunci yang berhubungan dengan wisata ada di Halaman pertama Google bahkan ada di urutan ke 1,2 dan 3

Inilah yang memberikan keuntungan kepada Agen Travel yang menggunakan traveloista untuk memasarkan produknya. Selama ini mereka memilik website tetapi tidak ada kunjungan ke websitenya dikarenakan lemahnya posisi SERP mereka di Search Engine seperti Google.

Dengan kemampuan SEO yang sangat luar biasa ini, maka puluhan ribu potensi sales akan didapatkan oleh para agen travel yang tergabung di, dan untuk Wisatawan mereka tidak perlu lagi membuka banyak website untuk membandingkan harga paket wisata.

Platform yang disediakan diyakini akan mampu mengangkat dunia pariwisata di Indonesia. Dalam rencana kedepannya TRAVELOISTA akan melebarkan pasarnya ke Australia,Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand dan Eropa.

Kesimpulannya, jika anda ingin berlibur, Kunjungi web site traveloista agar anda bisa mendapatkan Liburan Yang Hemat dan Berkesan ! Lets Make a Trip and Fun

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An Unforgettable Travel Adventure in Kuala Lumpur

The sprawling capital of Malaysia comprises a population of Malay, Chinese and Indian citizens of the Muslim and Hindu faith. This is precisely the reason why it is considered as a melting pot of diverse cultures, making it so desirable when it comes to traditions and heritage. Besides, this progressive city is a huge attraction for shoppers. It also boasts of adventure activities, water fun and a range of indulgences for nature lovers. With cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur, you can take an opportunity to spend your vacation time chilling out in this bustling city.

Here's a list of experiences for you to indulge in when in Kuala Lumpur.

Make your own way to Batu Caves: The Batu Caves is a popular Hindu pilgrimage site outside India. The complex lies 13 kilometres north of the main city and has three main cave temples besides other smaller ones. A steep flight of 272 steps leads to the Cathedral or Temple Cave which is the biggest cave.

Enjoy the majestic Petronas Twin Towers: The Twin Towers are the most iconic attractions of Kuala Lumpur. They are beautiful and flattering from the outside and equally impressive from the interiors. paket liburan hongkong

Go high up the Genting Skyway: The 3.38 km of ecstatic gondola ride through the lush tropical rainforest is an experience to cherish forever. It is a part of Genting Highlands Malaysia which features many other entertainment options like casinos, hotel, restaurants and theme parks.

Explore marine life in Aquaria KLC: Take a dive into a tank full of sharks in this one of a kind aquarium. It houses as many as 250 different species and a diverse collection of marine and land bound creatures. Sand Tiger Sharks, Stingrays and Marine Turtles are some of its highlights.

Get lost in time in Merdeka Square: Although Kuala Lumpur has experienced significant changes in all fronts in the past few decades, it has successfully retained its old world charm with Merdeka Square and the colonial surrounds right at the centre of the city. Sultan Abdul Samad Building, the Royal Selangor Club, and the National History museum are the famous buildings surrounding it.

Feel amazed at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia: This distinguished museum which offers fascinating insights into the Islamic world houses a huge collection of Islamic artefacts, from jewellery to models of mosques. The building covers an area of 30,000sq m and is home to a remarkable library of Islmaic art books.

See the colourful beauties at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park: Covering an area of 21 acres, this bird park is home to nearly 3000 species of birds. It is perhaps the world's largest free-flight walk-in aviary.

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Lombok Gili Trawangan Is The Best Vacation

The Gili Islands, Bali consist of three small, wonderful exotic heaven islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. These islands are situated a few kilometres from the North West shore of Lombok, and recently have become a favourite place and seemingly heavenly abode for guests visiting both Philippines and Lombok. They are also a quickly evolving vacation location in their own right.

Lombok You Have To See

The Gili Isles were first discovered by Bugis anglers from Sulawesi, who used them as a stop point while sport fishing visits throughout the Indonesian islands. They first became well-known with guests returning in the Nineteen-eighties, when back-packers found the beautiful picturesque beauty of pristine seashores and magnificently bountiful waters with a wide variety of underwater life.

Today the Gili islands are the most well-known fascination of Lombok. Lombok is often regarded the "sister island" of Bali, and many individuals choose to check out both islands on their vacation to the popular exotic heaven of Bali. It is now very simple to journey from either Bali or Lombok to the Gili islands.

Visitors are drawn by the relaxed characteristics of the place and their helpful regional population, who are an assortment of unique Bugis residents and regional Lombok individuals who have shifted to the Gili islands in search of work in the tourist and leisure market. The most attractive mode of transportation is motorcycles, and other types of electric transportation are prohibited in this place.paket tour bali

Gili Air is the isle nearest to Lombok, and was the first to be visited by guests. Travellers to Lombok first began to use it for tourist purpose but gradually they felt it can make a promising business venture. Providing simple foods and holiday homes and hotels in Gili Islands can serve dual purpose of serving the tourists as well as make a good business. Gili Air is only a few kilometres from the shore of Lombok, so it is very easily accessible.

The second of the three islands is Gili Meno. Till today it continues to be the least designed places of Bali, and is very well-known with guests who wish complete serenity and relaxed atmosphere.

Wisata di Lombok

Farthest from the landmass of Lombok is Gili Trawangan, which is also the most well-known isle for guests. Trawangan has earned the reputation of the "party island", majority of the travellers visit the place to have fun in the night life and regional natural pleasures, free from any cops, ending time or other rules. These times the isle has become far more innovative, serving young back-packers on a price variety and guests with family members remaining in high-class personal cottages. For more details please click here website Something You Should Know about Gili Islands

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Paket Wisata Pulau Seribu Open trip

#Pulau #KepulauanSeribu #Pulauseribu #trip #tour #airisproject #Airis #airisjourneys
Meeting Point(Lokasi Bertemu)
Dermaga Muara Kamal
Hotel Tempat Menginap
Tidak Menginap
Wisata Yang Dikunjungi
Pulau Kelor, Pulau Onrust, Pulau Cipir
Min Pemesanan
1 Orang/Pax
Tiket Pesawat
Masa Berlaku
sampai 10/04/2016
Harga Dewasa
IDR 100.000 Per Orang
Harga Anak(2-10)
IDR 100.000 Per Orang
Info Lebih Lanjut Dapat Menghubungi AIRIS PROJECT 081320786614 081320786614 Print Friendly and PDF Paket Tour Ini Telah Dilihat Oleh 64 Pengunjung
08.45 Berkumpul di Dermaga Muara Kamal
09.00 Persiapan Menuju P. Kelor
10.00 Tiba di P. Kelor
11.30 Menuju P. Onrust
12.00 Tiba di P. Onrust, Wisata Sejarah Keliling P. Onrust, FOtoFoto dan Ishoma
15.00 Menuju P. CIpir
15.30 Tiba di P. Cipir Acara Bebas, Berenang, dan Catch Sunset
17.30 Pelepasan Lampion
18.30 Menuju Dermaga dan Demikian Tour berakhir
-Tiket Retribusi Pulau
- Perahu muara kamal-Pulau (PP)
- Guide Lokal & Tour Leader
- Lampion / Sky lantern

- Makan
- Tips Guide ( Seikhlasnya)

- Jadwal dapat berubah / Reschedule jika quota tak mencukupi
- Pembatalan dari pihak peserta uang tak dapat kembali / Hangus
- Pelunasan pembayaran maksimal H-7

paket wisata pulau seribu untung jawa

Gunakan Fasilitas Pemesanan Online TRAVELOISTA.COM Untuk Menjaga Keamanan Transaksi Anda
Meeting Point(Lokasi Bertemu)
Hotel Tempat Menginap
Tidak Disebutkan
Wisata Yang Dikunjungi
Tidak Disebutkan
Min Pemesanan
4 Orang/Pax
Tiket Pesawat
Masa Berlaku
sampai 01/01/2017
Harga Dewasa
IDR 275.000 Per Orang
Harga Anak(2-10)
IDR 150.000 Per Orang
Info Lebih Lanjut Dapat Menghubungi ASIATRIP Trusted Travel Agent 021 4786 9240 0858 1794 5404 Print Friendly and PDF Paket Tour Ini Telah Dilihat Oleh 638 Pengunjung
08:00  Dijemput di Lokasi yang telah ditentukan peserta sebelumnya.(Area Jabodetabek)
08:30 - 10:00 Perjalanan menuju Pulau UntungJawa
10:00 Tiba di Pulau UntungJawa anda bisa langsung menikmati Wahana Watersport:
          *Banana Boat
          *Donut Boat/Hantu Laut

12:00  Istirahat dan Makan Siang yang telah disediakan
14:00  Menuju Taman Laut untuk melakukan Snorekling
15:00  Menunjungi Pulau Rambut Pusat Konvservasi Burung
16:00  Kembali ke Pulau Untungjawa untuk kembali menyebrang ke Dermaga Tanjung Pasir
17:00 Diantar kembali menuju tempat meeting point
19:00 Tour selesai
Minimal Pemesanan 4 Orang
Berangkat bisa kapan saja

Harga Sudah Termasuk
1.Perjalanan dari MeetingPoint(Lokasi anda) ke Dermaga Tanjung Pasir PP Full AC
2.Tiket Penyebrangan ke Pulau Untung.
3.Peralatan Snorekling
4.Tiket Wahana Banan Boat,Donut Boat dan Hantu Laut
5.Makan Siang ala seafood di Pulau Untung Jawa

Harga Belum Termasuk
1. Makan Pagi.
2. Belanja dan Keperluan Pribadi

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